Agriculture & Related Courses

The demand for professionals in the agriculture sector is increasing day by day. Hence more people are showing their interest in the field but they aren’t aware of what all courses they can pursue, how and from where? At present we have a number of under graduate diploma as well as post graduate diploma courses in agriculture.
The course basically involves study of agriculture sciences and use of modern scientific equipments and techniques in agriculture. After completing the course you can either go for higher studies in Agriculture or can find jobs in both public as well as private sectors.

01 Certificate in Drip Irrigation System 03 Months 10th
02 Certificate in Poulatary 03 Months 10th
03 Diploma in Drip Irrigation System 06 Months 10th
04 Certificate in Sericulture Course 12 Months 10th
05 Certificate in Agriculture Course 12 Months 10th
06 Certificate in Horticultural Course 12 Months 10th
07 Certificate in Agro Journalism 12 Months 10th
08 Certificate in Veterinary Assistant 12 Months 10th
09 Certificate in Farm Management 12 Months 10th
10 Certificate in Fodder & Feed Management 12 Months 10th
11 Certificate in Meat & Meat Products Management 12 Months 10th
12 Diploma in Seed Management 12 Months 12th
13 Diploma in Vegetable Production 12 Months 12th
14 Diploma in Agriculture Course 24 Months 12th
15 P.G. Diploma in Agriculture Course 24 Months 12th
16 Diploma in Horticultural Course 24 Months 12th
17 P.G. Diploma in Horticultural Course 24 Months 12th
18 Diploma in Agro Journalism 24 Months 12th
19 Diploma in Farm Management 24 Months 12th
20 Diploma in Fodder & Feed Management 24 Months 12th
21 Diploma in Meat & Meat Products Management 24 Months 12th
22 P.G. Diploma in Plantation Management 24 Months 12th
23 P.G. Diploma in Post Harvest Management 24 Months 12th
24 Diploma in Sericulture Course 24 Months 12th
25 Diploma in Veterinary Assistant 24 Months 12th
26 Diploma in Agriculture (Non Academic) 36 Months 10th