BPO Call Centre & Digital Mktg

Diploama in BPO Call Centre having complete training module to develop English communication skills for anyone who wants to enter the international call centre industry. In order to speak with customers across the globe, and answer queries satisfactorily. Call centre agents need to be clear, prompt and precise with their responses, and speak English correctly, pleasantly and intelligibly.
This Digital Marketing Course provides an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the core essentials of digital marketing. The learning content is informed and designed by experts and offers learners the opportunity to gain a globally recognised professional digital marketing certification. Covered within this program are the structural foundations of digital marketing, including strategy & planning, search, social media,email marketing, analytics & optimization and much more.

01 Certificate in Digital Marketing 03 Months 10th
02 Call Centre Training, BPO 03 Months 10th
03 Call Centre Training, BPO (Non-Voice) 03 Months 10th
04 Certificate in Robotics 03 Months 10th
05 Certificate in Robotics 06 Months 10th
06 Diploma in Digital Marketing 06 Months 12th
07 Call Centre Training 06 Months 12th
08 Customer Training ( Non-Voice) 06 Months 12th
09 Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing 12 Months 12th
10 PG Diploma in Digital Marketing 12 Months 12th
11 Diploma in Robotics 12 Months 12th